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Home and Land Clearing

Clear any unwanted entities that may be in your home or on your land.

  • 1 h
  • 222 Australian dollars
  • Private Conference Call

Service Description

What is a Home and Land Clearing? Some properties, houses and work places are energetically misaligned and can cause great disturbance within the energy fields of the people living there or working there. I realign the properties energies by clearing any unwanted energetic qualities and unwanted 'entities' that may be present in your home, work place or on your land, and move them onto their next progression. This is especially welcomed when you are moving into a new home, work space or have bought some land. Earth is much older than we are and a lot has happened on the land our houses and work places are currently built on. Your land could be assigned as a Battleground, Sacred Site or even a Burial Ground and with that comes a lot of lost spirits who have not passed on. These spirits can latch onto the inhabitants living or working there and can create disturbances for you. With a property realignment, I move on the spirits as well as close any Portalways that may be open to them, so you can live in peace and harmony and in your highest vibrations. Once the home/land has been cleared in the 3rd and 5th dimensions, I also surround it with ultraviolet energetic flames, close and block all entry points for negative spirits and energies to come back and reside within your space and protect your property with the highest energies from the highest dimensions. A Property realignment is also helpful if you have had a Past and Present Soul Session done. You can become vibrationally misaligned to where you are living if you have had a Soul Session done- you've changed but your home has not, especially if it is shared with others. Please note- I do not need to visit your property, this is done through distant healing and by accessing your properties Akashic Records in the 5th Dimension. This work is world wide not just within Australia. You will receive a recording of the session as well as a detailed written report on your Home and Land Clearing. If you would like to book, please email me at: the Price: $222 Please Note: Prices are in Australian Dollars

Cancellation Policy

*Please note, I cannot start working on your reading until payment has been received.* *Please note that there are no refunds within 24hrs of me receiving your payment as I would have started working on your profile.* *If you need to reschedule our appointment it must be done at least 24hrs prior to our scheduled appointment time.*

Contact Details

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