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Journey Within The Soul Program

Interested in healing your life at a profound soul level?

  • 30 min
  • Free 30 minute call
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Service Description

Heal the reoccurring triggers that keep showing up in your daily life by making the choice to heal your soul's ancestral lineage, past life and current life issues. Journey Within The Soul Program includes: ❤️ A ‘Soul Pattern Belief Reading’ that will be the guide to clearing your soul’s tiggers that you’re currently experiencing in your life. 🧡 A 'Soul Realignment' (Past and Present Soul Session) which will clear current blocks and restrictions from your Soul’s Divine Blueprint, and realign you back to the Divine, therefore creating more energy and abundant opportunities that will open up for your life. 💛 Clearing relevant issues throughout the 12 or 6 month program. We are layered like onions and once we clear one issue another will show up. We are healing until our last breath on earth! 👉 The program follows the clearing of the soul’s blocks and restrictions, which is a unique system to achieve love, balance and harmony between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional intersections so you can rise into your higher consciousness and soar into the higher dimensions. 💚 Weekly spiritual counselling sessions to heal the issues you’ve been experiencing in your 3rd dimensional reality. I will help you address your problems in a compassionate and loving way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness from a spiritual perspective. 💙 Weekly guided spiritual healings so you can start living trigger free and move forward with you life in abundant ways. 💜 Monthly channeled angel readings from your spirit guides and guardian angels so that you can be guided by your personal spirit team. 🤍 Weekly structured mediations from my personal collection to help you stay balanced and clear minded, creating perspectives on stressful situations, build skills to manage your stress, increase self-awareness, focus on the present and reducing negative emotions. 💓 Monthly Full Moon Mediation Circles that include a group meditation, spiritual ritual and expert guest in their field. These are only some of the AMAZING techniques and practices you’ll be receiving that I have carefully and thoughtfully put into place so you can achieve the loving healing your soul is deeply yearning for. Please email me at for more info and book in a free 30 minute Zoom call. ‘Journey Within The Soul’ with me walking by your side. Infinite love and blessings, Kerrie 😇🌈💫

Cancellation Policy

*Please note, I cannot start working on your reading until payment has been received.* *Please note that there are no refunds within 24hrs of me receiving your payment as I would have started working on your profile.* *If you need to reschedule our appointment it must be done at least 24hrs prior to our scheduled appointment time.*

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