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Soul Session- Past and Present Life

Soul Realignment

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 444 Australian dollars
  • Private Conference Call

Service Description

What is a Soul Session- Past and Present Reading within the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records are in the 5th dimensional realm and carry all the choices and information your Soul has ever made- past and present lives! An Akashic Record reading will give you insight into PAST LIFE blocks and restrictions that are currently affecting your current incarnation. It will help you to see the patterns you are creating and why you continually attract the same 'things' into your life. It will give you an understanding how changing choices at the point of action will change and heal your life. I also look at what Soul Group your soul originates from as well as what Divine Gifts your Soul holds, helping you live your life to its full potential. Understanding and knowing this information will give you the transformation in your life and realign your Soul back to Divine Source, therefore giving you back your Vital Life Force Energy and living a much happier and full life. Just as we all deserve! Clearing the negative blocks and restrictions from your Soul's Divine Blueprint is a part of your record reading and will give you the opportunity to change your karmic patterns and bring abundance into your life.   However just clearing the blocks and restrictions from your Soul's Divine Blueprint is not enough to make the energetic changes in the third dimension that we are all currently living our lives in. You will need to take responsibility by doing your 21-day clearing affirmation homework, that I will tailor make for you. We will also work out what level of actions you need to create to shift and clear your negative karmic patterns so you are in re-aligned back with Divine Source and receiving full vital life force energy! A Soul Session Past and Present Reading takes me about 6hrs to complete. We then have a 1.5hr (approx) phone session on a private conference line, where I relay everything I have found in your Soul reading. I record your session and then email it to you once we are done, so you can listen back to it whenever you feel like. It is recommended that a Soul Session- Past and Present Life Reading is done every 12 months. If you would like to book in a Soul Session- Past and Present Reading with me, please email me at: All prices are in Australian Dollars: $444 (includes GST) Please email me if you're considering a family package as discounts apply.

Cancellation Policy

*Please note, I cannot start working on your reading until payment has been received.* *Please note that there are no refunds within 24hrs of me receiving your payment as I would have started working on your profile.* *If you need to reschedule our appointment it must be done at least 24hrs prior to our scheduled appointment time.*

Contact Details

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