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Soul Purpose

Our jobs as souls, is to experience as many different loves and positive experiences as we can on Earth. Karma helps us with our journey by giving us certain experiences. Our job is to recognise these experiences as lessons and to learn from them. People and events are placed in our lives at an exact moment for us to ‘fix’ our karma with ourselves and one another. This isn’t by accident.

We planned all our lessons or experiences, to happen to us before we are incarnated into our next life. Before our souls are put into our next bodies, we have a ‘chit chat’ session with a spiritual council of sorts. These are a group of higher-beings who oversee the safety and spiritual direction of Earth and her inhabitants.

While finding our soul purpose we endure many lessons. But why do some people have harder lives then others? Well that really depends on how much negative karma they have built up from their previous lives. We must acknowledge our negative experiences and action them into positive experiences for us to move forward in our lives. The spiritual council wants us to achieve our goals and to learn our lessons and they work with us by introducing certain people in our lives and showing us experiences that are wonderful and joyful.

We are not doing this on our own. There are other entities such as our assigned guardian angels, Archangels, spirit guides and many other universal energies that are with us to help guide us. Many beautiful things happen in our lives, we just need to see the positives in them. These experiences are endless from landing a job that we really wanted, to finding love, having a child, finding a bargain at a store and even having a near death experience. There is always a lesson to be learnt from every action in our lives.

Our main soul purpose on Earth is to love all humans as we would love ourselves, as we are all one. But we need to be smart at playing this game of life by balancing our emotions, starving our egos and learning compassion within ourselves so we can therefore love ourselves as much as we would love another. But so many of us do not know how to love ourselves as fear and ego take control of us. Especially when we are living in a world full of Ego’s running and influencing our countries. These souls want power, money and control and it’s hard to not let these huge Egos influence us.

Our minds and conciousness believe what we experience, see and hear. They vibrate in the 4th dimensional realm. From the 5th up to the 10th Dimension is what we consider to be the spiritual plaines and where we can access and make contact with our spirit guides, angels, akashic records, meditative states and much more! No one really knows all that makes up our Universe, but through personal experiences, practice and education on such topics and actioning what we learn through life, opens up doors to the unimagined.

Blessings to you <3 Love and light everyone

Kerrie xxx

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