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Human Potential Is Limitless

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About Soul Sessions

By Kerrie Gee

Hello Beautiful Souls of the Earth and welcome to Soul Sessions!
My mission is to raise the consciousness of others by shifting vibrations and realigning our Souls with the Divine using gentle healing techniques. 

When this is achieved, we are living our true divine path and can experience life just the way we want and need, with an abundance of love, joy and happiness.

When we have the knowledge, tools and guidance to help us reach our true potential, we live in our highest vibrations. Let me be your guide :)
Human potential is limitless. Blessings to you all
Kerrie xxx

Kerrie Gee

What is a Soul Session?

In this video I break down what is involved in a Soul Session with me. What are the karmic patterns running in your Soul's Blueprint, how and when they were created and how we can clear and reset them so you're able to live YOUR life with joy, love and happiness 💫💫💫❤❤❤

  • Soul Realignment

    444 Australian dollars
  • Soul Realignment for your child or dependent

    333 Australian dollars
  • Soul Based Therapy Healing Sessions.

    222 Australian dollars
  • We discover what your soul gifts are and where your soul originates fr...

    222 Australian dollars
  • Dive into your Manifesting Blueprint that is accessed through the 7th ...

    555 Australian dollars
  • Quit smoking, quit drinking, loose weight, clear anxiety to name a few...

    155 Australian dollars
  • Using hypnotherapy to discover past lives and heal ancestry lineage

    355 Australian dollars
  • Clear any unwanted entities that may be in your home or on your land.

    222 Australian dollars
  • I contact the Angelic Realm and pass on messages specifically for you.

    155 Australian dollars
  • Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy that promotes healing ...

    155 Australian dollars
  • Interested in healing your soul at a profound level?


“I came across Kerrie Gee’s website through a search about Akashic Records, and boy was I happy I did! When I watched her videos, she resonated with my soul and I can’t help to think that my spirit guides had a lot to do with that! ;-) They steered me to her direction. I felt it. After writing her and connecting, I had my reading and I was blown away! When she discovered that my soul origin was Mintakan from the Orion Constellation after accessing my records, it literally hit me light a bolt.... that’s me!!! She answered soooo many questions I had about why I had experienced certain obstacles in my life and she successfully cleared those karmic blocks! Having this reading has provided me with a blueprint of how to proceed forward and begin “living” my real truth and make changes in this earthly life to make the best of what I have left of it. I highly recommend Kerrie to guide you towards your spiritual awakening. I can’t thank Kerrie enough for the knowledge she provided me.”

Martha- Los Angeles, U.S.A

I had a soul realignment done by Kerrie. I have a fairly good base understanding of the spirit realm, but Kerrie walked me through the areas which I wasn’t so confident in; ensuring that I understood all parts of my reading. Kerrie cleared negative energies that were literally sucking the life out of me.  It was also reassuring to have some things confirmed from her that I was feeling from my own intuition. One of my favourite parts of the reading was finding out my special gift. This gave me the extra push I needed to start using my gift with confidence, as well as the understanding of how my gift can also assist others.

Stephanie- Stockholm, Sweden

Going through a very difficult time in life I had been searching for spiritual answers for years, decades even. Having a Soul Session with Kerrie was a transformative experience that opened my eyes up to a whole new world of spirituality. What she described to me resonated very deeply with what I had been feeling for so long but could not yet understand. Her words gave me exactly what I needed. It has given me new found purpose and confidence that I am on the right track in life. Thank you Kerrie for this truly life changing experience.

Q Tran- Melbourne, Australia

My Akashic Record session with Kerrie was life changing. She was warm, friendly and understanding. I felt very held by her as she did my reading for me. She has given me so much support during and after my session. I recommend her highly as it was a big and wonderful experience. Thanks Kerrie!

Georgia- Auckland, New Zealand

I’ve always had good awareness of my energy and sometimes it can be very easy to lose sight of it or get derailed from others being negative throughout my life. My Soul Session was a great reminder to hit the reset button and regain control of my life. I had an amazing transformation after I completed my 21 days of homework and applied my levels of actions in life. I wish I found you sooner!

Ronan- Toronto, Canada

I received a Soul Session- Past and Present Life, with Kerrie and was astonished by what she knew and discovered about my life. Being in my late 30's, I had been looking for love and was tired and heartbroken by not finding 'the one'. After having a reading with Kerrie, she discovered that I had a Soul Contract attached to my Soul's Blueprint and that is why I kept having such terrible bad luck in relationships. A month after my reading with Kerrie, I found my love. We are now engaged and are about to have a baby! Thank you Kerrie for your gifts and for helping me find my true potential in finding love. Forever Grateful- Rachel xx

Rachel- Queensland, Australia

My Soul Session with Kerrie was just fantastic! Kerrie did an excellent job conveying my soul story and explained all the topics effectively and in detail. She was well prepared, friendly, engaging and more importantly checked for my understanding thoughout the session. I found my reading to be uncannily accurate and highly valuable. This isn't just some interesting infomation you receive, this was transformational! I would highly recommend Kerrie to my family, friends and work colleagues!

Ian- Melbourne, Australia

I have known Kerrie for many years and have had angel readings and reiki from her. I recently had Kerrie give me a Soul reading from the Akashic Records. Kerrie’s reading was extremely detailed and resonated with what I was / had experienced in this life. I have listened to my recording many times over as there is so much to take in. I now feel quite empowered knowing what I know. Thank you Kerrie for sharing your beautiful gift.

Sally- Sydney, Australia

Absolutely love your work! I’ve always been a spiritual person, but this year, in particular, I’ve really started honing in on my spirituality. Having a Soul Session with you has really opened up my mind and life to make the changes I needed to do to transform.  I’m so glad to have found you and learn from your spiritual and Universal advice!

Claire- Sydney, Australia

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Entity Removal!

In this video, I am a guest who talks about my experiences of removing entities that were attached to my energy field. This is a powerful tool to help release negative energies and resolve trauma to support you on your awakening journey.

If you'd like more information, please contact me :)

Want to know more...?

In this live video, I am being interviewed by business owner 'Kate Herford Coaching' on what the process is with an Akashic Record Reading. Learn about how I receive information from your Soul and what the process is for someone to become aligned with their Divine gifts and Soul Purpose. Kate also talks about her experiences she went through after receiving a Soul Session reading from me. Enjoy and Blessings to you <3

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